About Lycee Montessori

About Lycee Montessori

Lycee Montessori School has a highly trained staff in Cypress, TX dedicated to the education of your children. We are prepared to offer activities to a variety of ages of children. We encourage independent and positive thinking in your child. This is done through practice and by their environment. It also encourages empathy for others and confidence in themselves. To learn more about our vision, continue reading on.

Increasing your child’s curiosity about the world that surrounds them will encourage an appreciation of learning and allows them to be flexible thinkers and make healthy decisions to benefit them and those around them. How we teach at Lycee Montessori School will stick with them and enable them to be successful members of the community they are a part of. How is it done? We focus on six key items.

  • Independence. This allows the child to learn to do things on their own and increase their confidence.
  • Observation. This allows us to care for your child’s basic needs while encouraging them to succeed.
  • Follow the child. Following the child gives them the chance to act on their own.
  • Correcting the child. Correcting the child in a nice manner will give them the confidence to not give up and strive to do better.
  • Prepared environment. A safe and prepared environment allows your child to learn and grow while doing “everyday” things and gives them the opportunity to explore their surroundings.
  • Absorbent mind. Young children absorb everything around them.

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