6 Pool Games Everyone in Your Family Will Love to Play This Summer!

6 Pool Games Everyone in Your Family Will Love to Play This Summer!

Aug 13, 2018

Having fun and being active in the water isn’t solely about swimming. It feels great just to be in a pool during the dog days of summer. If you enjoy the water and have young kids who love it too, you might want to do more with the few short months of pool time.

A fun way to spend time with your little fishes is to play pool games. Make it a memorable family time. Since not all parents can come up with anything other than Marco Polo, here are some a few more options to help enhance your family’s summer experience.

6 Family Pool Games

The following is a list of six fun pool games that entire family will enjoy this summer:

  • Keep Away: First, you will need a water-resistant ball. Then, decide who will be the designated “it” to remain in the center and begin the ball toss. The goal is to keep the ball away from the person in the middle. Once “it” catches the ball, the one who threw it is now the one in the center.
  • Mermaid Races: This activity is also called dolphin or underwater races and is good for teaching breathing control, which is something young swimmers need to learn. The idea is to swim the full of the length of the pool with a single breath. With practice, you should see great achievements.
  • Diving for Treasure: Simply toss a handful of coins (treasures) to the bottom of the pool and have all participants dive from them. In the end, they keep all the treasures they can find. This game can go on for many rounds!
  • Diving Contest: One person is the judge while everyone else performs their best dive into the pool. It can be a jackknife, bell flop, some sort of jump, etc. You can determine who wins by placing categories, such as, most creative, most graceful, biggest splash, longest or highest jump, etc. Every effort is something to celebrate.
  • Invisible Bottle: Fill a clear plastic bottle with water and have everyone face away from the pool. Toss the container in the water and allow it to sink to the bottom. Then, everyone can jump in a search for it. The first person to discover the bottle wins. You can have single participants or set up teams.
  • Ping Pong Scramble: Write the numbers 1–20 on a set of ping pong balls with a marker. Divide your group into teams. Toss all the balls in the water and have both teams jump in and collect as many as they can find. Add up the numbers on the balls in the end, the team with the highest points wins.
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