A Good School Choice for Smart Kids?

A Good School Choice for Smart Kids?

Oct 31, 2018

The montessori school is a great choice in the ever-expanding world of childcare. This kind of school does well in supporting the development of your child’s creativity and talent. On the other hand, a montessori education can also work to suppress your child’s abilities and enthusiasms, so we will discuss whether or not a montessori type school is a good option for your child and their needs.

What Is a Montessori School?

Montessori schools vary between one another as much as any other kind of educational approach. These kind of schools received their name from Maria Montessori who was a pioneer in the designing of educational techniques. From Italy, she developed the first school with thousands of schools today that use the montessori name. Many of these schools adhere rigidly to the original practices of the first school, While others simply follow the spirit of her philosophy.

Foundations of the Montessori Approach

1. Child-centered.

At the heart of the Montessori approach is a focus on your child’s strengths. It is founded on the possibility that each child has the potential to learn and grow, while recognizing that children develop in their own unique ways. When this focus is applied with flexibility, each child’s studies are based on their interests and abilities.

2. Practical and concrete.

Practical achievements are concrete to life skills, and Maria Montessori recognized how much of an asset this could be to a child’s development. However, at its most rigid, the focus on practical life skills can lead to a Prohibition against play based learning.

3. Independent.

One main aim of the montessori approach is an independent child that learns by following their own curiosities. This can be ideal depending on how a child learns, but heavily prescribed, meaning a child may not be able to proceed to the next level up without affirmation from their teacher.

We are fully aware of the weighty responsibility as a parent to find a school that is right for your child. The early years of schooling are very impactful in terms of who your child is going to be when they grow up, so it is up to you to find the right fit. If you have more questions about montessori’s, and more specifically us, Lycee Montessori, we would love the chance to answer them. Our montessori located in Cypress, TX, is always available to take our phone calls. Give us one today to begin a life-long relationship!

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