Activities to Celebrate the New Year with Kids

Activities to Celebrate the New Year with Kids

Jan 16, 2019

New Year is here and you may be making plans for making this New Year celebration interesting. If you have kids, it is obvious to plan the celebrations around them. After all, New Year is not just for adults to celebrate, there are several activities that a family can do together. This is the time to celebrate for kids as well before they head back to school and studies.

Here’s a look at some ideas for celebrating New Year with Kids:

Time machine

You can have a good family time chit chatting and sharing memories with your kids. You can share with your kids how you used to celebrate your New Year’s Eve as a kid and how your parents and their grandparents used to make preparations for the celebration. You can also ask your kids how they would like to celebrate the New Year once they grow up. You can also explain them some family traditions and their significance.

Memory jar

You can start preparing for this activity throughout the year. Make it a habit for the family members to write special moments, achievements, funny stories, and interesting incidents on paper and keeping it in the memory jar. On the New Year’s Eve, the entire family can sit and read the chits and recollect the good memories and laugh at funny incidents. This is a good way of looking back at the years passed by.

Brainstorm for the following year

You can ask your children to brainstorm and come up with goals they would love to accomplish in the coming year. It doesn’t have to be about studies only. The goal can be about learning a new sport, travelling a new place, reading a new book, being healthier, eating healthy food, or anything that comes to their mind.

New Year’s around the world

You can make your kids familiar with the New Year celebrations across the globe and various traditions followed in different parts of the world. It is a good way to give them a glimpse of the world and evoke curiosity in them.

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