Benefits of enrolling Your Child in the Montessori

Benefits of enrolling Your Child in the Montessori

Sep 01, 2019

Most parents these days understand the role of pre-schooling in the development of their children. It not only enhances their knowledge but also opens a world of information which they can explore. It also offers an opportunity to witness a new environment along with other kids wherein they can learn socializing skills. It can help in the development of their mental and emotional quotient.

As parents, you are aware of what type of schooling is right for your child. Many Montessori offers the right techniques and programs for enriching your child’s experience at school. The Montessori schools go way back to 1907 when the first Montessori was opened for teaching kids. In recent times, we can see a huge surge in Montessori schools in the USA. In the USA alone, you can find around 500 publicly funded Montessori schools across the USA and the number of private Montessori schools is around 4000 and still counting.

It has been observed that parents who choose Montessori schools are more academically inclined. Let’s explore some benefits of enrolling your toddler for Montessori school:

  • Focus on Key Developmental Stages

The Montessori in Cypress, TX runs on its specific curriculum which puts focus on the developmental milestones of the children between the ages of 3 to 5 years. The curriculum is designed in such a way that the younger kids learn muscle and language skills whereas the four years old kids work on the motor skills along with completing everyday activities like arts and crafts. For the older preschoolers, Montessori organizes trips and special events.

  • Child-Centered Activities

The curriculum for the Montessori children is designed keeping in mind their specific needs and abilities. The curriculum allows them to explore and learn at their own pace. Everything from books, toys, to props is kept within the reach of the children and the furniture is also made for the utmost comfort of children. Kids don’t just play with each other but also learn to respect and communicate with each other.

  • Children Learn Discipline

It is important to teach the value of discipline to children right from a young age so that they can benefit from it forever. Though the Montessori allows the kids to choose the activities on their own and perform them at their own time and pace, there are some ground rules that every kid needs to follow. The teachers develop the kind of environment in the classroom that kids learn self-discipline and refine their skills such as concentration, self-control, and motivation.

  • Children Learn to Cooperate

In Montessori, the teacher doesn’t run the class but the class is guided by the activities that students do the entire day. Children in Montessori learn to cooperate with others and respect each other as the environment over there encourages them to do so naturally. It also helps in building a sense of community.

  • Teacher Facilitate the Learning Process

The teachers in the Montessori act as guides for the kids who facilitate the learning experience. As mentioned above, teachers don’t run the class; they take leads from children making sure that the ground rules are followed. They also encourage the students to perform the tasks but allows them to do it at their own pace. There are only encouragement and no interference or pressure from the teachers.

  • Children Learn the Importance of Order

In the Montessori, every object, books, and toys have specific order on the shelves. When the children are done with an activity, they place back the item into their appropriate place. This allows the kids to learn a sense of order and discipline. It is said that when kids play in a neat and clean area, they can explore more creative and focus on the learning process.

  • Encourages creativity

As we saw above that children are allowed to choose an activity of their choice and perform them on their terms, it can help them in exploring creativity. Children simply focus on the activity without worrying about the result. This makes them learn that the process is more important than results. Children get a chance to broaden their mindset and think beyond the obvious with the help of Toddler Montessori Program.

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