Fun Winter Activities for Children

Fun Winter Activities for Children

Feb 01, 2020

Having kids around means that you cannot do everything casually or even randomly. You have to incorporate the needs and interests of the children to ensure that everyone around enjoys their time. When it is summertime, handling children is easy. As long as you have a gated compound, the outdoors is the best place for them. However, the stakes are different in winter. The last thing you want is to have your child freeze out in the cold.

What Are Some of The Fun Activities Children Can Do During Winter?

  • Winter craft and art – there is no better time to explore the beyond of creativity than during winter. Winter art can range from making paintings and drawings to crafts like making snowmen and blowing bubbles. Kids can determine to blow some bubbles and see how they freeze before they pop. Making ice-cream at home with ice cubes and plastic bags is also a fun activity that kids can do during the winter season. While at it, consider salt and food coloring as part of the whole craft activities to keep things fun and interesting. Besides, this is the best time for children to finish off on any pending art projects assigned from school. Teach your children to knit mittens of their own and learn the knitting skills.​
  • Indoor games – you cannot overlook playtime simply because you are indoors. Indoor games work great during winter. You can organize for a simple treasure hunt in your house, or play chair games. Other than that, building tents and doing camping activities indoors is a great way to lighten up the moods.
  • Stargazing – in the wintertime, nights are longer, which means kids can be up a little longer before you put them to bed. Find a clear night and indulge in stargazing with your children. Make sure you get some blankets before you head outside for the activities. You can even make it story night under the stars, to get your children even more excited about winter seasons.
  • Stroll in the snow – this is possible if the cold outside is not too much and the snowing is not dramatic. Strolling in the snow is a great way to experience the winter. It can be your best shot at catching a parade and enjoying the outdoors with your young ones.
  • Sledding – an outdoor sport for the bearable cold days will not hurt anyone. Be sure your child is snuggled up and warm, to ensure the sledding activity is still safe for them.
  • Snowball fighting – you have not lived through winter if you haven’t fought with snowballs. Get into the fun activity with your kids and other family members. Make it more fun by having friends to your kids come over for the activity, because the more, the merrier.
  • Bake and cook – if you love to bake, then winter is the best time to teach your kids something about baking. This fun activity will encourage creativity in cookie-making as well as teach them one new skill. You can make your own gingerbread house and have your kids decorate it as they would want. You can also roast marshmallows at the fireplace as you enjoy story time with your kids.
  • Make holiday decorations – winter season precedes major holidays like Christmas. It makes the perfect time to make handmade decorations for the festivities, with paper snowflakes as a great starting point. Your kids can even craft gifts and presents to give out during holiday seasons.
  • Movie marathons – you know those movies your child has always wanted to watch but couldn’t because of homework from the ​primary school in Cypress? The best time to watch would be during the winter. This is especially when it is too cold to go outside. Grab a can of popcorns or your favorite snacks and indulge in the best family movies you all love. Cozy up with some blankets and a lit fireplace to make it all memorable and fun.


The winter season does not have to bring your spirits down. Make good use of this time and indulge in as many indoor activities as possible. Explore the different dimensions of creativity for your child, and give them the best experience yet. This will make your child look forward to the next winter season, instead of dread it.

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