Halloween Activities For Kids of Different Age Group

Halloween Activities For Kids of Different Age Group

Oct 01, 2019

Halloween is an exciting festival, especially for kids. The dresses, the games, and the candy collection are a real attraction for children. This might make kids eager to go out. However, that also makes parents antsy. If you are a parent, you may be worried about your child’s well being. Lecturing your kids will make the situation worse. Not only will your child not listen to you, but also, they’ll forget the instructions.

You need to be creative in this regard. This is where Halloween games and activities can be of help. It is a more natural way to explain your ideas. Since it’ll be an activity, your child will not be bored. Let’s have a look at some activity ideas of children of different age groups.


Infants have powerful observation skills. Since they cannot partake in the celebration, you can share Halloween decorations with them. Here are some different ideas that you can adapt to. This way, your baby will have something different to play with, and you can develop a habit of celebration in them.

Room Décor

You can change the décor of the room. Decorate it with little carved pumpkins. Small Halloween lights would be a plus. Halloween wallpapers can be another option. You can also decorate the baby crib with Halloween stickers.

Different Toys

Change their rattles with little pumpkin heads. Stuffed toys can be replaced with some Halloween stuff too. Just be careful that the toys don’t scare the newborn. Pick attractive ones for your baby.

Change Their Bottle

If you feed your baby with a bottle, you can use different stickers to give the bottle a different look. For babies that can eat, use bowls or plates that are pumpkin shaped. The dish can have an image of things related to Halloween like a cute witch.

Bedtime Stories

If you read bedtime stories or sing lullabies to the little one, they can be focused on Halloween too.

Different Clothes

You can buy costumes for them and dress them differently. They will be more attracted to clothes and changes in their surroundings.

Ideas for Toddlers

The development of toddlers is faster compared to the infants. So, you can be more effective in explaining Halloween. For toddlers, you can pick up the following ideas to tell them about this festival.


The toddlers can be given some drawings to paint on. The illustration could be anything that depicts Halloween. While they are coloring, you can tell them some different short stories related to that picture.

Attractive Plates

During Halloween, you can give them plates, bowls, and glasses that have little witches, pumpkins painted on them.

Room Decoration

Change your child’s bedroom and decorate it according to Halloween. Lamps can have a pumpkin-shaped cover. The walls can have small images of other stuff that will be easier for them to understand fir Halloween.

Read To Them

You can also read different poems or stories about Halloween. Be sure that your way of telling is attractive. You can add different pictures while telling the story.

Candy Collection

Teach them about the candy collection activity. Dress them up real good for that and go to the neighbors with them for the first few times.

Halloween Ideas for Kids

Kids can be told different stories about Halloween. Additionally, if you try out other activities, you can ingrain the idea of Halloween.

Spooky Stories

Tell them stories about Halloween. Stories are most effective when the room is different, and they have all accessories, which are Halloween oriented.

Halloween Party

For kids, you can organize Halloween parties too. A costume party would be even better. Invite a couple of friends and add in games to the party. Cook according to the theme.

Other than these activities, you can send your children to different daycare centers. Some daycares or Montessori celebrates Halloween. When your kid sees his/her peers, they can be interested in partaking in the celebration.

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