How To Incorporate Technology in Preschool?

How To Incorporate Technology in Preschool?

Nov 08, 2021


We live in a digital world. The use of technology in the year 2020 was essential for children to participate in school. Although technology has numerous benefits, it can also influence children depending on the rules and guidelines set by parents and educators.

Incorporating technology in preschool enhances learning, and it helps children understand its purpose. However, effective strategies are required in ensuring children benefit from digital experiences.

This article discusses ten ways of incorporating technology in preschool to enhance learning. Kindly read on for more information.

Morning Check with An Interactive Whiteboard

Morning check allows you to know the students present in school and their plans for lunch. The traditional way of doing this is having children raise their hands and checking a seating chart; this can be time-consuming. You can use a check-in template on the interactive keyboard to compile your students’ names, pictures, and lunch plans. At daycares in Cypress, TX, 77433, every morning, have each child drag their photographs to show that they are present. This method allows children to use the interactive whiteboard daily while helping them with accountability.

Teaching Letters and Numbers

A variety of software and apps allow children to learn early math and literacy concepts. Most of these apps equip students with letter recognition, sounds, counting, and grouping.

Recording Reading Sessions

Usually, students don’t know what their voice sounds like when they are reading. You can easily record your preschoolers when they are reading to play it back for them. Children get excited to read aloud when you capture their expressions. Recording reading sessions for students improve their fluency.

Promoting Active Play

Toddler activities in Cypress, TX, involve using software to promote active play. This software includes activities where children have to move around to achieve specific goals. Incorporating these interactive games helps children learn as they play.

Sharing Examples

Students seeing what their peers are doing helps them set expectations and boost confidence. It isn’t easy to hold up a sample work in class because not everyone can see it. You can share your students’ work with their peers by using a projector.

Encouraging Creativity

Drawing software and applications allow students to show their creativity. You can also have your students take pictures for editing and short videos for posting to the classroom blog.

Showing Writing Samples

Students can learn how to edit and revise their writings. To do this, you can select a few examples from your class, scan them and display them on the interactive whiteboard. This method allows students to interact actively to understand corrections. Also, editing their peers’ work helps engage children actively.


Students like to share their ideas and what they learn with others. You can have a reading group share the book they read to the class or have students talk about their pets or favorite person. Keynote and PowerPoint are easy-0to-0use slideshow programs. Students should use bullet points to tell facts, and they should also add pictures. For better participation, you can create the slideshow formats when your students are just starting.

Reading Groups

Students in reading groups often have questions about a topic. You can incorporate internet research to help find out more information. You can also use a dictionary app to check words. Using technology in reading groups can engage students, improve their vocabulary and help them know more about a subject matter.

Digital Books

Students can use digital books at home on their tablets or computers. Using digital books in school can help students relate to what they learn at home. Many libraries allow the borrowing of eBooks at no cost. Apps like Overdrive also let you check out books at no cost from the library.

To Wrap Things Up,

Technology is essential in helping children learn. Toddler activities in Cypress, TX, use technology to improve self-confidence, interpersonal relationships, and problem-solving. Parents and guardians should visit daycares in Cypress, TX, 77433, to have a look around.

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