How to Prepare Your Kids or the First Day at Daycare

How to Prepare Your Kids or the First Day at Daycare

Sep 01, 2021

Your kid’s first day at the daycare is probably going to be nerve-wracking, given that she’s going to an environment where she has never been before. However, there are several ways you can do to ease the experience before taking her to daycare in 77433.

In this blog, we will discuss the things you can do to make the transition much more acceptable to your kid. We want your kid’s first day at daycare to be as seamless as possible. These things include:

Talk about Daycare

Typically, the more you talk about daycare, the more your kid will be mentally prepared. Depending on your kid’s age, you can explain some of the things she will find there. Just like you don’t want to be dropped in an unfamiliar location, your kid doesn’t want that either. Therefore, it is vital to talk about the daycare to give her a glimpse of what to expect.

Alternatively, you can watch movies or TV episodes showing daycares and how kids interact. Visuals will help your kid get an even clearer picture, making them more hyped to join as soon as possible. A good example of a movie you can watch together is Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. Look for the episode when Daniel goes to school.

Get Your Child Excited

Try the daycare routine in your home to help her understand just how fun her experience is likely to be. Try to play games likely to be played in the daycare with her to mentally prepare her for the things she will participate in school.

Go through playtime and lunchtime together, and this will help her adapt to the system. Make sure that the experience and the games are as fun as possible. You can even start referring to daycare as a school because kids love schools. Talk about how the teachers are fun.

If you know where you are going to take her, mention the teachers by their names. That way, your kid will remember their name on the first day at the daycare, and this may excite her. Talk about the friends she will make and the toys they will use while there.

Paint a picture in her mind of how fun the experience will be. If you take your kid to Lycee Montessori, you can be assured she will find what you explained and more. Our teachers are well experienced, and we can make your kid love daycare even more.

Work on Her Independence

Since your child will not be with you at the daycare, it is only wise to start giving her independence to do her stuff. Give her choices and let her choose whatever she wants to do with her time. Let her understand that she’s a big kid and praise when she does something right.

That said, limit your kid’s choices to two things to make it easy for her to choose. For example, you could ask her to choose between brushing her hair first or her teeth. By giving her choices, you will improve her cognitive function, and she will find it easy at daycare.

Adjust Her Sleeping Schedule

If your child wakes up too late during the day, you might want to adjust her sleeping time at night and wake her up earlier in the morning. For at least a month before taking her to the daycare, make sure she’s used to waking up on time.

That way, she will be used to the waking time, so she won’t be going to school all dull because she was woken up earlier than she is used to.

You can also ask when the daycare takes their daytime naps and incorporate them into your kid’s daily program for about a month. By the time she starts school, she will be used to the routine, making it easy for her to blend in.

Meet the Teacher

Give us a call and visit the school before the admission so that your kid can meet the teacher. That way, your kid will be familiar with the teacher and the surrounding before joining. You can see the other kids, toys, games, and other things that will excite your kid. Lycee Montessori is the daycare near you that will make your child mature fast before joining the school. You can count on us.

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