How to Teach Your Child Self-Regulation

How to Teach Your Child Self-Regulation

Sep 12, 2018

Of all of the skills that we teach our children, there is one that may be the most important. It’s not just one set of skills but an entire host of skills, the ability to control something, whether it be their behavior, their thoughts, movements, and even feelings. In a general sense, this is called self-regulation. Let’s take a look at how we can teach our children to have self-regulation, and why is it important for them to maintain a healthy and happy future.

1. Help your child recognize the higher-goal.

Self-regulation is important in controlling an Impulse in order to meet Higher Goals. For example, when teaching our children not to grab toys away from their friends without asking, the goal in question is that we want to get along with our friends. The first step in helping her children recognize higher goals of certain situations and provide time and space for their impulses as well, is to ensure that they know how to regulate them at the right time and the right place.

2. Use naturally occurring situations to teach strategies for self-regulation.

As parents, it can be of great help to use natural situations as teachable moments for self-regulation skills. And these situations it can be challenging for our younger children. However, by explaining the expectations and higher goal before the event or situation, will be prepping them to meet their goals in the moment. By delivering strategies that regulate their impulses, we teach them how to self-regulate on their own.

3. Acknowledge the challenge of regulation.

Self-regulation can be something that’s hard for adults, but especially for kids. If they struggle, be sure to acknowledge it. Acknowledge in this desire or impulse, offering a strategy can help them regulate.

4. Have your child make a choice and a plan.

Older children that have been taught to be well regulated and be able to look through a set of options and make a reasonable decision. When faced with a lot of possibilities, this child can make a plan. In order to help our children develop well-regulated thought processes, teaching self-regulation will allow them to do just that.

These skills are essential to be fostered when they’re at a young age. At Lycee Montessori, we strive to not only give your child and environment in which they are watched and taught by adults, but also an environment in which they learn life building skills. If you’re interested in the services that we offer feel free to contact our office in Cypress, TX.

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