Is Montessori Good for ADHD?

Is Montessori Good for ADHD?

Aug 01, 2022

As a parent, you want the best for your child, including their education. So when your child has learning challenges due to ADHD, you will look for a different solution. One of these options is taking your child to a Montessori School in Cypress. Find out how Montessori schools benefit a child with ADHD.

Defining ADHD

Most people misunderstand attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). They think that if a child is constantly moving, talking, fidgeting, and having trouble being quiet has ADHD. However, most do not know that a child may not be hyperactive if they have the inattentive sub-type ADHD-1.

However, a Montessori teacher is trained to detect this learning disorder’s indicators and help the child learn. Some of these indicators are:

  • Short attention span, daydreaming, difficulty following and understanding instructions
  • Immature social skills and relating better to younger kids
  • Easily angered, moody, irritable, aggressive, highly anxious, and low self-esteem
  • Hyperactive motor behavior and hardly sits still
  • Poor control of impulses
  • Excessive talking
  • Frequently misplacing items
  • Difficulty completing and turning in work

Challenges Faced by Kids Suffering From ADHD in School

A child with ADHD will have a hard time in a traditional learning environment. For example, they will struggle to focus on a task due to difficulties following or understanding directions. In addition, their short attention span will inhibit them from concentrating. Therefore, they will be stuck while the class completes the work and moves on to the next subject.

An ordinary classroom has various things that easily distract a child with ADHD, keeping them off balance. For example, the brightly colored walls, computer screens, or artwork may overstimulate them. This makes them unable to concentrate, leading to frustration and anxiety.

Children with ADHD have immature social skills, making them struggle with relationships. Due to the strict schedule, they have no time to practice their social skills in a regular classroom setting. In addition, a child with ADHD needs a lot of physical activity and movement. They cannot have the freedom or time to move about because of the curriculum.

How Montessori School Helps Them to Deal With ADHD

The Montessori school provides a safe environment for kids with ADHD to learn and grow academically and socially. It enables the child to reach their full potential to become fully functioning, independent adults. Therefore, your child will benefit more at the daycare in 77433 than at a conventional school.

For example, the Montessori environment purposely minimizes distractions. These may assault the senses of a child with ADHD. Their classrooms are minimalistic, with neutral colors that do not overstimulate their senses. In addition, the furniture and learning objects are made from natural materials. So, the child is free to concentrate and learn.

The Montessori classroom is divided into different areas with various lessons. It is unlike a regular classroom where all the kids work on similar activities simultaneously. For example, a corner of the room may be dedicated to the artwork and the other math. This benefits a child since it allows them to focus on interesting activities.

In addition, their progress is not measured against the other students, which helps the child learn at their own pace. This school system does not use timed tests for the kids. Any deadlines are developed with the student and the teacher. Therefore, the child will not be frustrated whenever they cannot do something. Instead, they will stick to it until they are satisfied them move on.

In a Montessori environment, the concepts are isolated to enable the child to learn effectively. The child is presented with one idea to learn at a time instead of overwhelming them with several tasks. Doing so helps them focus and even self-correct as they know. Individualized lessons are the norm in this environment. The child will be assisted whenever necessary.

The Montessori School helps kids practice social skills and build relationships. Teachers make this possible by grouping kids with similar abilities together. As a result, they get a chance to interact as they complete their projects. Besides, the system allows the kids struggling with hyperactivity to move about as they learn.

Are you looking for a Montessori school for your child with ADHD? Then, contact us at Lycee Montessori to give your kid the best education.

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