Let’s Start at the Very Beginning: Montessori for Infants

Let’s Start at the Very Beginning: Montessori for Infants

Apr 16, 2019

Love is fundamental need of every baby, which he can only get right at its home. Often parent ignores the Montessori need for infants but it is essential that kids get right atmosphere at its home to grow and to learn. With Montessori for infants, essentials of baby’s development include emotional development and intellectual development.

Sensitive Period for Movement

From birth to 12 months, a child learns movement. He starts kicking and stretching. As per Montessori, parents are equally responsible for establishing coordination in their movement. They can teach their kids the right control between their hand and feet.

Sensitive Period for Sensory Perception

An infant learns the actual perception of sound, taste, smell, sight and touch in early ages. Parents with necessary Montessori teaching can help learn them about these things in easy and intellectual manner. They can help kids recognize this perception with the help of interactive instruments.

Sensitive Period for Language

Montessori parents can sing, speak and read in front of their children to help them learn to move their lips. With right tricks, they can help child to establish a right synchronization between their throat, tongue and lips. They generally have reflexive action to what their parents say.

Sensitive Period for Order

Infants in school start to learn feeling of security and belongingness. They feel safe in their own place between their parents. It is duty of Montessori parents to make a child feel comfortable in its home so that it can grow in comfort.

In Conclusion

The real growth of a child is from his birth to five years of age. This is the age when child learns a lot of things. In this age, parents must strive to bring in an appropriate environment so that child can grow intellectually and emotionally.

Helpful Resources

Further, when you wish to know about this in detail, one can prefer reading plenty of information available on internet. With right beginning, you can help your child grow in the right way. You can also consult an expert for the same.

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