Life at Daycare Centers

Life at Daycare Centers

Jun 08, 2020

A toddler is a young child aged 12-36 months and is learning to walk and talk. It is during this period that they developmentally, emotionally, and socially as they interact with others. Toddlers do not grow at the same rate, necessitating the need to focus on each child as an individual.

Toddler programs are offered at different Daycare Center for Toddlers to enhance the growth and development of the child in all aspects of life. The programs in Cypress are aimed at fostering leadership and encouraging young children to be independent. You can trust us to create a conducive environment for your child in their growth and development.

Daycare Centers for Toddlers

Daycare refers to care given to a child at their different stages of life in their homes or in specific daycare centers.

Aspects to Consider When Choosing a Daycare Center

  • There should be close supervision from caregivers and attention to each toddler as an individual to ensure everyone’s needs are met.
  • Availability of enough materials and play toys which are appropriate for the kid’s age
  • Caregivers should be trained to provide quality care with service excellence. They should have knowledge of first aid and resuscitation measures.
  • The health of the toddler should be a priority. This means the center should be clean and handwashing a routine. Safety precautions and prevention of accidents should also be adhered to.
  • Since the toddler is in the process of language development, they should be exposed to activities that ensure this is met, e.g., songs, plays, and talking to them.
  • Parents should be allowed to give suggestions and raise their concerns where necessary.
  • There should be a safe environment and time for the toddler to play actively to promote their physical development. Proper nutrition is also crucial to improve one’s health and offer immunity from infections.

Importance of Daycare Centers

It becomes easier for the child to adapt to their school life once they are at the age of going to kindergarten. This is because they are used to being involved in activities and relating to others.

It gives an opportunity for the toddler to interact with others of the same age under the supervision of their caregiver. Through their togetherness, kids learn the values of sharing, solving their problems, and how to collaborate with others while playing, and as their personalities come up.

At daycare centers, the kids learn the difference between their fellow toddlers and adults. This allows them to view adults as people in authority and mentors who are supposed to guide them in all they do. This is important as they also learn to respect those in authority in the future.

Every toddler also has a schedule for games, eating, sleeping, and other activities. This contributes to the development of the child as they learn how to put everything in place and create time for each activity. This develops them intellectually.

Daycare centers allow the learner to acquire new skills every day. This improves their cognition, and with support from the caregivers, their academic excellence in the future is no doubt. It also improves their brain development, which builds a foundation for future health and success.

Disadvantages of Daycare Centers

Most of the time, the children are addressed as a whole, and hence there is less individual interaction. This affects the child’s development as their needs vary. Some have high needs while some cope up and develop faster. However, to overcome this problem, the centers should not be overcrowded with kids and have enough staff to offer each child individualized attention at their point of need.

This is the stage in which the toddler is developing their personality and absorbing new skills within their environment. This may include behaviors that are unpleasant, e.g., throwing tantrums. It is, therefore, the role of the parent to identify and undo any bad behaviors picked up so as to allow the child to learn how to deal with peer influences in the future.

Through the toddler’s daily interaction, they learn to share their play toys and other items. This may lead to the transfer of microorganisms, causing illnesses. However, this can be contained by ensuring the centers are kept clean and sanitized.

At Lycee Montessori, we have the best facilities that help your child realize their skills and developmentally and socially. Our staff is friendly towards the kids and they are trained on how to deal with different situations involving kids. Visit our website to learn more about how we can help your child realize their potential.

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