Montessori Inspired Fun Activities for Children

Montessori Inspired Fun Activities for Children

Nov 01, 2020

An extensive range of unique activities is offered for children by the Montessori method. Children work as they play and do not need any stimulation or encouragement. It is natural for children to gravitate towards activities reflecting their interest and enriching their passion for learning. Children’s senses have a significant role in their education.

The materials and activities presented in this blog aim to make learning hands-on, providing children an opportunity to discover things. Montessori toddler activities Cypress, TX at home for preschool children are set up for different practical life areas, language, science, fine motor, and sensory. Let us look at some fun activities for children inspired by Montessori.

Practical Activities

Children like to use toys in the open and often get them dirty. It is an ideal option to arrange some washing activities for the children to clean the toys. Having materials available in the kitchen or bathroom where children can get hold of them quickly is convenient. Preschool children are keen to follow a sequence of steps like filling a jar with water, scrubbing the toy with a brush and soap, drawing the toy, and draining the pot of water. While keeping the child engaged, the activity also teaches them the habit of cleanliness for practical uses in later life.

Fine Motor Skills

Talk about hammering, and children are incredibly excited about the activity. It will help if you can get a tree log or substitute for a tree with cork boards. It makes for an excellent presentation for complex exercises for children older and capable of building something with your hands. The practice is perfect for developing fine motor skills.

Children can learn fine motor skills by arranging stamps in a stamp book using tweezers. It is a beautiful cultural activity for young children to arrange things in proper order while learning geography.


Children can be provided with different fillers for the writing tray to provide sensory experiences to them. Daycare 77433 users tiny colored rocks from discount stores that are generally used for decor and DIY cards or counters made at home cost-effectively.

You can use small number of rods to solve simple problems by creating a story relevant to the child. You can either keep it short and sweet or make it as complex as you like. Allow children to express themselves during this activity because they can imagine stories that help them learn this subject.

Language Skills

You can choose a transportation unit for counting syllables in words or learning different types of transportation. Children quickly learn to count syllables in words when it is initially done with their names. It is a time that you can begin and move to combine different terms associated with vehicles.

To provide an opportunity for the child for self-assessment, you can mark the cards on the backsides after sorting different vehicle types. You can encourage the child to turn them on and compare labels to determine whether you have drawn them correctly.


Science may seem like a tricky subject, but it is ideal for engaging the child in conversation and discussions. Teaching the child lessons on water and land is an excellent experiment for self-directed play. Children are excited when discovering things they can immerse in water to understand whether they float or sink. They will be happy with this activity and perhaps happy to learn which objects float or sinks and develop new skills.

The Montessori method believes in encouraging self-directed learning for children through exploration and play. However, it is essential to remember that children must be invited to participate in education. Children will learn better when they are shown things rather than told about them. It allows the child to focus on the materials and the presentations and not the caregiver’s words.

If the child is disinterested or making mistakes at any time, it is helpful to put the activity away because the opportunities to present it later will be available. The activities must be stopped before the child is frustrated. Most importantly, it is beneficial to smile and relax when being in a Montessori classroom with materials and child-sized furniture.

Toddler activities are enjoyed better by children when they are not forced upon them. It is why the Montessori method is proving successful with children and imparting practical skills to them in the early stages.

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