Discover Everything About This Alternative Teaching Method

Discover Everything About This Alternative Teaching Method

Mar 28, 2019

What is the Montessori method and what does it consist of?

It consists of an educational system where children discover their own capabilities by themselves and are part of a self-exploratory, innovation conducive environment.

Characteristics of the Montessori method

The method makes the child the centre of its education and adapts the learnings based on the unique psychological profile a child has.

Montessori method: keys to educate without rewards or punishment

Fundamentally, there are no punishments and rewards in this system. Children are encouraged to simply explore their truest selves and be cohesive with their environment.

Differences between the Montessori method and traditional education

Traditional education uses a template method to push everything towards children. Montessori method puts the child in the centre of the learning environment and allows it to explore wherever it naturally gravitates.

Who invented this teaching method?

María Montessori’s great discovery was responsible for creating this educational revolution.

Positive educational aspects of the Montessori method

It is conducive to self-learning and innovation, makes children creative and communicative.

Disadvantages of using the Montessori method

It does not follow a point A to point B approach and may not work for kids who seek order and structure.

How do kids learn the value in the Montessori method?

Kids learn in a very conducive and safe environment, where the teacher is not just an instructor but an active part of the learning system.

Strategies and techniques to apply the Montessori method

There are several areas where you can apply the Montessori method:

  • Montessori method for potty training
  • Montessori method for eating
  • Montessori method for sleeping
  • Montessori method to learn languages

Frequent errors that happen while using the Montessori method at home

Some parents may confuse lack of forced feeding with lack of rules.

Can you apply the Montessori method to hyperactive kids?

Yes, it is possible to apply the Montessori method to the kids who are hyperactive and always seeking sources to spend their energy.

Can you use the Montessori method for kids with special needs?

Kids with special needs will find the Montessori environment very safe and welcoming.

Can you use the Montessori method for adults and the elderly?

Yes, recently, the Montessori method has started picking up between adults and elderly as well.

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