Peace, Love, and Chores: Why Montessori Works for My Family

Peace, Love, and Chores: Why Montessori Works for My Family

Nov 09, 2018

As Maria Montessori so wisely said, “Education should no longer be mostly imparting of knowledge, but must take a new path, seeking the release of human potentialities.”

At Lycee Montessori in Cypress, Texas the staff here are dedicated to educating your children. They are prepared to encourage positive thinking and encourage the independence of each child. It is done successfully by the children through daily practice and by the environment they are in every day. The same climate also encourages compassion for others and to have confidence in themselves.

At Lycee Montessori, we increase your child’s curiosity about the world they live in and the way it surrounds them; how it encourages them with an appreciation of what they are learning and lets them be flexible in their thinking and learn to make healthy decisions that will benefit them and all those around them.

What is taught to them at Lycee Montessori will be something that will stick with them through their lives and enable them to become successful members of their communities, state, United States, and of their World. At Lycee Montessori, the children are surrounded by love and peace, and everyone has chores to do, but they enjoy doing their tasks as it becomes a way of life for them. They learn at the age of three how to use sharp knives and hammers as well as other tools safely so they can be constructive in what chores they are given. They are assigned an older “big brother” or “big sister” to be their helper (an older student at the school) and to teach them how to do their chores safely.

Here at Lycee Montessori, we focus on six areas:

  • Observation – It allows the teachers to care for each child’s basic needs while at the same time encouraging them to succeed.
  • Independence – It lets the child learn how to do things on their own and thereby increase their confidence.
  • Following the child – By following, your child, it gives them a chance to work and act on their own.
  • Prepared environment – Your child is learning in a ready and safe school environment that lets them grow and learn while they are doing “everyday” chores, and at the same time, it gives them that chance to explore what surrounds them.
  • Absorbent mind – Remember how young children absorb everything that surrounds them. Everything they see, hear, touch, and feel is an experience.
  • Correcting the child – By correcting your child in a friendly, appropriate way, it will give them more confidence not to want to give up and to continue to strive to do better.

This method of education was started by the Italian physician Maria Montessori in the early 1900s. The schools are found all over the world. Montessori preschools are the most common.

The Method by which the children are taught has been developed by observing the children, to identify the needs of each child is the primary focus.

The education devotes itself to helping every child achieve their potential, and it is conducive for them to develop a lifelong love to learn.

When the teacher acts as the facilitator and leads the learner toward their independent discoveries; the students can work in an uninterrupted sequence so they can advance at their own pace. It is the learning that helps the student to become confident, responsible, and caring.

Besides learning to read, write, mathematics, grammar, history, geography, and world languages the children learn by doing. Art projects are taught techniques and media is provided for their artistic expression. Children have clay, collage, colored pencils, paints, and other types of media so they can illustrate their work.

Drama is a very noticeable part of the classroom, and most of the children LOVE drama. The drama serves in several ways, and the children love the class. They have large scale recitals every year with character performances, using concession workers, a real stage crew, etc. so the children can learn the craft as well as have fun.

All of the children at Lycee Montessori are active physically throughout the day. Aerobic activity is still provided with physical education.

On Final Thought about the fact that Montessori works for our family because the methodology utilized in the classrooms at the school can be brought home as techniques to be used making life run more smoothly in our families homelife.

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