Play It Safe! Teaching Kids About Safety Through Play

Play It Safe! Teaching Kids About Safety Through Play

Aug 29, 2018

One of the best ways to teach kids is through play. Using this form of teaching really resonates with children by using the wonderment of their minds to draw conclusions that are both logical and helpful for future situations. The following list is comprised of playful activities that introduce kitchen, road, and fire safety to your children’s lives.

Kitchen Safety

Some great tips for being safe in the kitchen such as washing their hands to get rid of germs, and avoiding coming around the stove or hot pots and pans on the table can be done through play. Encourage your child to play the role of a chef in their own play kitchen to demonstrate the safety tips they’ve learned.

Road Safety

Even if your child isn’t driving, it’s never too early to introduce them to road signs and what they mean. That is a set of signs to their collection of toy cars. Let your child know what each sign means and use the toy cars to demonstrate how to follow the signs and their directions. Even in real life, when driving on the road, point out real road signs while driving and show how you pay attention to them in order to be a safe driver.

Fire Safety

While none of us can know exactly when an emergency will happen, we can all prepare for them. Something that will help you and the case of an emergency as well as teaching your child what to do just in case. Talk to your child about how to stay safe during a fire, and allow them to act out some rescue scenes using toys they might have or buy role-playing in the home.

How We Can Help!

At Lacey Montessori in Cypress, TX, we take great pride in teaching your children not only educational lessons, but also practical lessons that they can take on with them beyond the classroom. If you’re currently looking for a caring environment for your child, feel free to give our office a call or send us an email, as this school year is quickly approaching!

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