Preparation Tips for Your Kids First Day at a Daycare

Preparation Tips for Your Kids First Day at a Daycare

Dec 01, 2020

Have you started a job or gone to an event and you know nobody? How was the feeling? The same can happen to your child on the first day at daycare. With a change in their environment, you might feel out of place and might take a while to adjust to the new normal.

Picture your kid being in the same situation you were in when starting your new job. For the first time, they have to stay away from their parents and see new faces. Sometimes, the feeling of being alone can traumatize the child.

At the daycare, it might take time to create a secure feeling for a new child. As a parent, you should prepare your child for their first day.

Preparation Tips

There are several ways you can make your kid’s first day at daycare successful. Your child should be present during the first interview. Therefore, your kid might have the layout of the daycare center near you. You can also take your child for a visit an evening before their first day at the daycare.

Below are some of the preparation tips for your kid’s first day at daycare:


You don’t want to be completing the paperwork on your kid’s first day. Therefore, you should ensure you finish all the agreements and pay the fees on time. Complete paperwork will give you time to help your child settle in the daycare.


There are some items that your child has to carry to the daycare. Therefore, you can help your child pack their bags and items they need at the daycare. While helping your child pack the essentials, you can talk positively about daycare to ensure your child doesn’t resent going for the first day.

When helping your child pack, you might notice they lack some essentials. If you notice your child lacks an essential item, you can rush to the nearest them since the kid might feel left out if they lack some items.


To make your child feel more comfortable at the daycare, you can talk to them about the benefits of going to daycare. You can promise your child some gifts if they obey on their first day at the daycare. Sometimes, you can encourage the kid to carry something from home, such as a stuffed animal. The item will help the kid feel comfortable away from home.


For a timely arrival, you should plan for it a day earlier to make sure the other kids will not require your undivided attention. If you have to prepare the older kids for school, you might not have time to focus on the kid. Therefore, pre-planning might be helpful.

When it is time to leave, some children tend to cry. Therefore, you should stay a short time at the daycare before leaving to prevent the kid from missing you. Before leaving, you can tell your child goodbye just as you do it when going out of the house. You can also reassure your child that you will pick them in the evening.

Be Realistic

Your child might take days or weeks to settle. Therefore, you should consider talking to the caretakers at the daycare when you drop or pick your child. The caretakers will talk to you about your kid’s progress to help plan for your child’s other days at the daycare.

Dealing with Difficult Drop-offs

If your child is stubborn when you drop them at the daycare, you should avoid being harsh on them. Therefore, you can do the following:

  • Tell your child what to do when they arrive at the daycare, such as greeting the caretakers and finding an activity to join
  • Avoid sneaking out since it can trigger your child to cry when you don’t say goodbye
  • Don’t re-enter the room after saying goodbye since your child might feel like you are staying with them
  • Stay positive, even if your child is difficult on the first day at daycare

Finding a Daycare Center Near You

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