Surviving At Home with a Toddler

Surviving At Home with a Toddler

Jan 01, 2020

Being a parent is one of the greatest joys. Holding your bundle of joy in your arms is such an amazing surreal moment. However, once actual parenting kicks in, it is not everything that will be as perfect and smooth. Every stage of growth introduces new hurdles that need your attention as they grow up. How then, do you survive at home once your child grows to the toddler level?

Toddlers are children between the ages of 12 to 36 months old. These children seem to have a strong opinion about everything. Their typical traits include asking, nagging, demanding, fussing, yelling, refusing, to mention a few. Any stay-at-home mom gets to the point of feeling like they should drop their toddler at a fire station. If this is you, then learn about how to survive the toddler stage without getting anyone killed.

Tips To Survive This Stage

  • Clamp your toilet lid – the last thing you want is to have to get your child’s head out of the toilet water. For some parents, it has already happened. Besides that, remember that Toddlers are fond of tossing anything and everything in the toilet. This ranges from clothing and shoes to jewelry and electronics. Clamping might be your best shit for beating this
  • Adjust to bizarre eating habits – the biggest struggle for moms with Toddlers is getting them to eat a full healthy meal. If you can get it done at least once in a week, you are probably doing better than most moms. Adjust to the fact that these little humans have bizarre eating habits. Allow them to eat different things, but make sure you stock your home with healthy foods. This way, they have limited options on which foods to eat. The good news is that Toddlers love to eat. Therefore, you can bank on the fact that they will not starve themselves to death.
  • Let them run, at least once in a while – if it makes you sad that your toddler is always running away from you, then you need to cheer up. They only run because they want to be chased. It helps to give them some space sometimes. In time, you will realize that they always come back running into your arms.
  • Keep them engaged – if you want to get anything else done in your house, your best shot is to keep them busy. There are many toddler activities you could consider, as will be discussed below. It can also help to involve them in the chores of the house.

Toddler Activities You Should Try

As a parent, soon enough you will appreciate that distractions are the best way to deal with your toddler. As you endeavor to spend more time with your child, distractions can make your experience smoother and more fun. Soon enough you begin to appreciate the call-to-action from Lycee Montessori School to take your child in the toddler Montessori program as early as you can. Some activities for your toddler include:

  • Schooling – as mentioned earlier, toddler schools are there for s reason. Allowing your child to interact with other kids of the same age group keep your child occupied with something healthy. The schools encourage healthy activities that will not only foster learning but make it fun for toddlers.
  • Indoor games – it is one thing to let your child play outside, but a whole new thing to continue playtime in the house. Things can get very messy pretty fast. However, the beauty of indoors games is that it fosters playful learning ideas. Your child can mold clay, play letter puzzles, or acquire a new skill like cooking. While your child is playing, they are passively learning and sharpening their skills, more so the likes of problem-solving skills.
  • House chores – there is no better way to keep an eye on your child than by being present in all their activities. Doing house chores with them is a chance for you to bind over something other than being related. You also get to foster new skills and a sense of responsibility for your toddler. However, no one said it will be easy or perfect. For the most part, you may have to redo the part of the chores they handled. Still, it is better than having them burn down another part of your house all by themselves.
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