Ten Fun and Interesting Things to do With Your Child at Home

Ten Fun and Interesting Things to do With Your Child at Home

Jul 01, 2020

Kids who spend time with their parents participating in activities together have a sense of self-worth. They feel valued and loved. When you carry out tasks with you,  lasting connections are formed. Kids who play with parents have better grades in school. A child learns by example. As you spend time with your young one, you are setting a good example. A child will adopt such behaviors in other relationships later in life. Take time to do fun activities explained below and make your kid feel special.

Cook and Serve Food Together 

Prepare meals with your child and cook together. As you prepare and cook, educate the child about healthy foods and portions sizes. Cooking will give a child the chance to measure, count, and observe food change; this is early science and maths learning. During mealtime, allow the child to count the utensils needed for the whole family.

Cooking builds a child’s self-esteem. A child feels proud and valuable when he helps prepare food. As you cook and serve food together, remind your infants to observe kitchen rules and table manners.

Story Telling 

Storytelling improves a child’s memory and language skills. It arouses curiosity and increases your child’s imaginative powers. Additionally, it instills virtues and increases a child’s cultural understanding. You can share your childhood experiences or share a funny story about your day.

Start a Kitchen Garden

Gardening offers a child a fantastic opportunity to play, learn, and grow. It engages a child’s senses of smell, touch, see, and hear. Train your child to grow fruits and vegetables, to water them, prune and harvest. Gardening promotes healthy eating and introduces a child to scientific concepts. If a kid plants a seed, he/she is curious about what will happen next.

Play Together 

A child needs to play to learn new skills and have fun. As you play with him, he builds his creativity and imagination capacity, which provides a foundation for his problem-solving skills.


A child learns valuable lessons on health and well being. Additionally, she learns to eliminate stress positively and to acquire new skills and abilities. Teach your child brain workouts to stimulate his brain activity. These exercises make the child smarter, sharper, and creative.

Go for a Nature Walk 

Take a walk with your child to connect with nature and other people by going for a walk together. Take your child off the TV screen to stretch his legs, catch bugs, and play outside, but under your supervision.

Nurture Child’s Talent

What is your child’s strength? Identify the talent, and do it together to perfect it. For example, if your child shows interest in the paintbox, it can be a sign of an artist in the making. Buy painting materials and start painting together to perfect the art of painting.

Caring for Pets

Taking care of pets together makes your child responsible and empathetic to others’ needs.  Feed and clean up the pet in the presence of your child. It will educate your child on pet-related routines. Once they are of age, they can take over the role.

Draw a Family Tree

Does your child know her distant relatives? Create your family tree with your kid. The young one will know his origin by tracing distant relatives and will develop a sense of belonging.

Read a Book out Together

Read your favorite child’s book aloud to stimulate her imagination and expand her understanding of the world. The child develops language and listening skills. Even though a child can read on its own, it’s crucial to read together with them.

Before you participate in the fun things with your child, discuss with her and come up with a daily routine like time to wake up, when to have a meal, and engage in activities. Allow your kid to choose household chores he’s willing to do. Habits build family bonds and help families go through family activities.  Show your child love and be patient. At Lycee Montessori, our goal is to bring out the best in your child and to make her/him feel special. Take care of them during this season.

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