Things to Do With Your Kids this Holiday Season

Things to Do With Your Kids this Holiday Season

Dec 16, 2018

You always look forward to your children being home during the Holiday Season, and you think of all kinds of things to do with them, but you are happy when it is time for them to return after the first of the year.

Remember, while you have your kids at home during the holidays it can be fun. It can seem hard to find stuff that will keep them busy for their entire time of Christmas vacation. It seems that most parents go into the Christmas holiday vacation full of confidence about keeping their kids busy, but then you find out how the kids can run through the activities you had planned quicker than you had thought. Below there is a list of some activities to help keep your kids busy during their holiday vacation time.

Search for Activities in Your Community

During the holiday season, most of the time there are usually lots of different things happening in your community that you and your family can be a part. If you are trying to find activities to keep the kids busy, check all your local papers and your community centers to find out all the different events that are happening.

Your Public library is a fantastic source of entertainment. It is not only a resource to locate events, but there are usually lots of events that happen in the library, along with all the computers and the small, individual reading areas. Most libraries will have storytimes for your toddlers and young children, and it will give your parents a chance to get a breather.

Staying at Home

If it is easier for you to be home with the kids and try to find fun things to do to entertain them at home, there might be a few ideas you might want to try:

Read, Read, Read: Reading is always an adventure with your child. Pick a book that is their favorite and cuddle up with them wrapped cozily in some blankets, make some hot chocolate with marshmallows and drink it while you read. That makes for some beautiful time together.

Let’s Get Cooking: Get out a recipe that all your children like and will agree on, and all of you make it together. You can purchase the ingredients ahead of time or if you want to, take them shopping with you and then when you get home to have them help you make the entire meal! They love helping with this kind of chore and by them helping it will make them want to try eating new foods and learning more about how they can help in the kitchen.

Play Dress Up: This is such an excellent way for you to clean out old clothes you don’t want any more. Your kids watch you and look up to you, and they get a kick out of dressing up in clothes that you have worn, even if you don’t want to wear them anymore. They love old hats, veils, shoes, jewelry, and shirts. They will play for hours with old clothes.

Have a Puppet Show: make your own puppets from socks and then write your own plays, and then dress up and then make and use props from around your house. If you happen to have a camera or a phone with a camera, you could record these little episodes for future memories to look back on later when the children are older.

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