Things Your Child Develops During Creative Play

Things Your Child Develops During Creative Play

Jun 05, 2018

Creative play is usually considered “messy play.” It can include anything from drawing and painting to dancing and even acting. It doesn’t always have to be messy, but even if it is, it is well worth the cleanup. Your children develop necessary and beneficial qualities during the early years of their lives, and it is supplemented greatly by creative play.

Creative Play is Confidence and Language Building

Encouraging your child to express themselves and act out or sing their favorite songs, stories, or movies can help them to develop confidence as well as language skills that will help them communicate with people throughout the rest of their lives. When children have strong abilities when it comes to expressing themselves and creativity, they will be more readily able to express themselves to adults later in life when it is more necessary.

Creative Play is a Tool for Exploring Emotions

Having good mental and emotional health is getting harder and harder today it seems than before. With more technology and busier schedules than ever before, emotional health takes a backseat. While we aren’t saying that playing creatively will automatically cause your child to be emotionally healthy later in life, but it certainly will help. Creative play allows your child to tell stories and develop their own ideas regarding the emotions of the characters in their stories. This helps them to understand emotion, and more specifically their emotions better.

Creative Play Develops Gross and Fine Motor Skills

This is perhaps one of the more obvious benefits of any kind of play. Dancing, acting, painting, and drawing are all excellent ways for your child to develop better control over their motor skills. Creative play, depending on what it is, can help your child to become more coordinated and strong. These traits are very helpful as time goes on.

So get out there and play with your children! Help them to express themselves with as many forms of play as possible.

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