Valentine’s Day in the Montessori Environment: Lessons in Grace and Courtesy

Valentine’s Day in the Montessori Environment: Lessons in Grace and Courtesy

Feb 01, 2019

February has become synonymous with love as every year we celebrate Valentine’s Day in February. It’s a day where we express our love and affection for people who hold dear to us like our partner, friends, siblings, parents, and children. Love is a complex emotion and has various facets. We love people, we love a good book; we love to walk on beach, enjoy rain, or sleep till afternoon on Sunday. The pertinent question is how to teach a child to love.

Agape and Valentine’s Day: lessons in grace and courtesy near Cypress Daycare centre

Agape is a selfless form of love where one doesn’t expect anything in return. We can see selfless love in kids where they never expect anything in return to their innocent gestures. The Valentine’s Day is a wonderful time for focusing on Agape love and teaching kids to serve others. Encouraging kids to make cards for others is a great way as they will spend a lot of time in choosing card for each family member or friend. They understand the significance of making personal connections at a young age.

For the Valentine’s Day celebration, we can make children share their meal or snack for broadening the sense of loving community in day care center near TX 77433. When kids sit together and share their meal, it is a powerful expression of friendship irrespective of what culture or community you belong. What can be more thoughtful gesture than sharing food, serving food to others first and making sure that there is enough food for everyone? Making a special meal that everyone can enjoy is a selfless act where you put others before you.

We can make Valentine’s Day celebration special by giving kids lessons on how to serve food, how to pour tea, arrange the flowers in vase or greet the guests when they visit home. This helps in developing compassion and empathy in kids.

The world is full of people who only focus on themselves and it’s important to develop agape so that they can live a compassionate life.

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