What Does The Toddler Montessori Program Hope to Achieve?

What Does The Toddler Montessori Program Hope to Achieve?

Dec 01, 2019

The toddler Montessori program for kids over 21 months aims to take advantage of the natural drive of the toddlers to act independently. Lycee Montessori in Cypress advances the growth of each child along with his or her development in an environment that is well-prepared for toddlers. The classrooms have been designed especially for the toddler to begin his or her step towards self-reliance and independence.

Accredited teachers implement a developmentally appropriate curriculum designed for toddlers to foster independence, language development, speech, cognitive skills and strengthen fine motor development. The environment, as well as the curriculum, fosters movement by imparting grace and courtesy lessons for promoting focus and concentration. An important part of the curriculum is to impart education to the toddler to care for himself or herself independently. The school programs in Cypress have been designed keeping these factors in mind.

Why Should Toddlers Be Admitted to The Lycee Montessori In Cypress

This Montessori is changing activities regularly considering the needs of children for variety and challenge as they begin growing and learning. The safe, gentle, and loving atmosphere make children and parents comfortable giving way for a trusting and spontaneous transition to school. The toddler may choose to be in school five days a week or alternatively choose to stay during the mornings only for an entire day. After the toddler has completed the toddler Montessori program he or she can join the daycare center.

When toddlers are admitted to a Montessori program they are in the process of learning physical health skills being just 14 months to three years of age. They are put in a small but intimate group of 12 children with two trained staff. They are offered two program options with full-day childcare or half day. The environment is suitable for the physical needs of the child and even considers the size of the furnishings and the opportunities for motor development. An observation area for adults with minimal furniture, maximum natural light, tiled floors, and selected arts and crafts are positioned low on the walls. Toilets designed for very small children and specific spaces to challenge coordination of movement have also been arranged for. The parent-infant class, as well as the infant community, has three distinct areas including:

  • The movement area which includes a staircase and a platform, pushcart, movement mat, wall bars, and materials for hand-eye coordination like threading, cubes and pegs, puzzles, folding, and different practical life exercises.
  • The operative area adds the supplies required for preparing and serving bites, initiating and freeing the table, caring for shrubs and pets, dishwashing, wash garments, window cleaning, flower arranging and many more.
  • The language area has in place miniature objects, spoken vocabulary investment exercises, language nomenclature cards, books, and other activities including experiences of art and music.

Are Montessori Schools Succeeding In Their Objective?

The goal of Montessori schools is to create a sense of independence and self-reliance among children unlike that of kindergarten schools that emphasize purely education based on a curriculum developed for children only. The Montessori infant-toddler program has different components that offer a variety of options for parents to become involved with children. They are beneficial in teaching the child the responsibilities of independence and self-reliance while at the same time offering extended programs that occur beyond the academic day. The programs have opportunities that introduce children to unique experiences in creative arts, music, sports, and much more. The Lycee Montessori in Cypress is located in the heart of one of the most culturally and intellectually active communities in America providing children with an opportunity to learn things other Montessori schools are incapable of providing. Whether they have succeeded in achieving their goal or not is a matter Montessori trained adults will be in a position to answer because they would have experienced the environment and learned from the education imparted by the school.

Kindergarten schools may be preferred by many parents for their children with the belief that it is the best system of education in place. However, the efforts put in by Montessori schools with the school programs in Cypress can in no way be relegated into the background. Montessori schools have contributed to educating children and toddlers in particular by teaching them responsible behavior independently and it can, therefore, be assumed that they have achieved their goal by some margin.

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