What if my child avoids an area completely or only plays with one thing?

What if my child avoids an area completely or only plays with one thing?

Feb 26, 2019

In today’s world, if you want your children to succeed then it is very important to know that what they like and what they don’t because specializing in one specific area is very important. These days machines are removed lots of tough jobs. In future, only experts would be able to work and keep up with the industry. One should follow the Montessori approach; you can learn this from Lycee Montessori.

What if the child avoids a specific area?

You, as a parent, must have observed that your child is avoiding an area to explore. If you aren’t able to recollect that then start observing their behavior. After that start asking a question which helps you to clarify the situation and you can take a logical decision. Following you will find some of the questions which are important to know when you feel that an area is been avoided by your child to explore-

  • What are the skills that he/she is learning and in what ways?
  • Is he/she missing anything which is required for them?
  • Do they have the appropriate environment regarding the particular area?

When a child only plays in one area?

Another thing which you might be observing is that what they like to do most often. Sometimes they even forget about food for something more important to them. Observe those areas and try to make them excel in that area. To get the right idea you can keep these things in mind-

  • You can observe the behavior regarding the particular thing
  • You can also check the choice which can help you in deciding if it is helpful
  • You can also ask them about what do they like or not
  • Check the T.V. shows they are watching
  • Check the knowledge about that area they have already

Follow the child

Next thing you can do is follow the child’s behavior and guide them in the appropriate direction. It helps them to follow their passion and become an expert in that particular field. There are many institutions such as Lycee Montessori which help the children to grow in an area and provides the right kind of environment to motivate them and help them excel in that area.

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