What Is a Typical Day in a Preschool Classroom?

What Is a Typical Day in a Preschool Classroom?

Jan 01, 2023

Kids between the ages of three to six years have a daily routine in their preschool classrooms. It establishes a consistent pattern of learning, eating, resting, and outdoor playing. The routines are patterned to meet the kids’ needs and nurture the development of their personality and intelligence. In addition, knowing what to expect each day helps the kids feel secure.

In addition, the routines positively impact their emotional, cognitive, and social development. However, the routine is altered to accommodate the weather, season, or special events. Continue reading to learn about the preschool in Calgary and what usually takes place in the classroom.

How Do Preschoolers Learn Best?

There are various ways Preschoolers learn and develop cognitively, physically, and social-emotionally. For example, they learn through play, routine, and repeated hands-on experiences. Kids also learn through trusting relationships with adults. Therefore, kids require guidance and consistency in their daily routines to help them understand the right things.

What Does a Preschool Teacher Do in a Day?

Preschool teachers have a crucial role in the preschool in Calgary. They arrive half an hour earlier than the students to set up and prepare for the day’s activities. Then, once the kids start coming to class, the teachers ease the drop-off process for them and their parents. They help kids hang their coats, take off their boots, and store their backpacks.

Next, the teachers gather the kids on the mat for circle time. They sit in a circle, sing, stretch, or do other movement-related activities. The activities help to wake up sleepy kids and motivate them to learn. Teachers then help kids perform various morning routine activities.

During snack time, they guide kids to wash their hands, sit at the table and eat. Teachers also help kids during playtime when they participate in different games. They urge kids to set up for lunch and then eat at lunchtime. The teacher will then organize clean-up and nap time for the little kids. They enable the other kids to perform various learning projects and arrange after-school pickup.

A Typical Day for Preschool Kids

    1. Morning Routine

This routine usually lasts from 8.00 to 11.00 am. It begins with a Great Period, whereby kids work on individual activities. Activities performed at this time are painting, learning sounds, counting, and writing words. The kids use moveable alphabets, cards, and sandpaper letters during the activities. They also use counters, golden beads and pins, and paper.

Some activities require a lesson from the teacher before the child performs them independently. The teacher helps establish an organized, calm, and engaging environment that allows the kids to concentrate. They may work on their selected activities on a rug on the floor or at a table. Some kids work with a friend, while others work by themselves.

The teacher will help the kids finish their work a few minutes before eleven am. Also, they clear the tables and clean the working areas. Next, the kids will sit with their teacher on the carpet for Circle Time. Then, they share the daily Virtue Card, sing a few songs, read a story then go to play.

    1. Mid-Day Routine

At about 11.00 am, the kids will head outside to play if the weather is convenient. They enjoy various seasonal activities by exploring, observing, and imagining. After playtime, the children head inside and wash their hands for lunch. The teacher guides them to engage in polite conversation while listening to music. Afterward, some kids help the teacher clean.

    1. Afternoon Routine

At 1:00 – 3:00 pm, the kids participate in afternoon activities depending on their age and programs. The youngest go to the bathroom and then nap on a mat. However, the middle group of kids rests quietly and then listens to a story. They will then continue the work begun in the morning.

Those in kindergarten have lessons like art, science, geography, penmanship, math, or sewing. Kids enrolled in the aftercare program will enjoy outside at 3.00 as the rest go home. Kindergarten kids participate in creative art projects and games until they go home.

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