Why Are Hands-on Activities Important?

Why Are Hands-on Activities Important?

Nov 01, 2022

Incorporating hands-on activities into children has long been taunted by educators d parents as a key factor in raising children who have a long-lasting love for learning and perform better academically.

Hands-on learning is a form of education where children learn by doing. Instead of listening to their parent, teacher, or instructor about a subject, the child engages with the subject matter to solve a problem or something.

Hands-on activities are important since they are a more engaging way to learn and can lead to increased results in physical creation.

Hands-on learning is also important as it can offer critical, creative thinking and problem-solving practices.

Hands-on Activities For Toddlers

Hands-on activities are great for toddlers, especially because they seem antsy and need extra hands-on attention.

The following activities are easy to do, set, and use readily available materials. They include:

  • Cardboard box train
  • Sticky spider web
  • Shaving cream sensory DIY
  • Straw-threaded shoestring Necklace
  • Pop Bottle Bowling Indoor toddler activity
  • Slimy eyes is an indoor activity for toddlers
  • Indoor energetic newspaper throwing
  • Lines of colored tape
  • Practice fine motor skills with poms poms
  • Sparkle cloud do

Creative Learning Activities For Preschoolers

Children are born creative, and if you doubt that for even a second, try giving your three- or four-year-old some paints and an empty room. You’d be surprised by the modern art adorning walls in less than five minutes.

However, they need little guidance to channel all their creativity into something productive, which is why parents should come in.

Here are four super fun creative development activities for your preschooler.

They include:

  • Cool Paint Animals

For this activity, you will use a few paints and a large sheet of paper. First, fold the sheet of paper in half and unfold it. Then ask your child to pup blobs of paint on one half of the paper. The colors can be a mixture of a few or a single color.

Fold the other half of the paper and place it over the paint while it is still wet, and tell your child to gently smooth the paper over the paint with their tiny hands. Let them enjoy the tasks for some time. Then, unfold the paper slowly, and you will have a beautiful butterfly with interesting patterns on its wings.

Let your kid’s imagination run free. First, encourage them to make out which animal they have formed. Then, ask them to point out the body parts to you.

  • Fun With Everyday Objects

You do not need expensive toys to keep your toddler or preschooler busy. Instead, using everyday objects like glue, old newspaper, strips of ribbon, empty plastic bottles, empty toilet rolls, cardboard boxes, and so much more for fun and simple activities is a great way of encouraging creative development in toddlers.

For instance, you can collect leaves of different shapes from your compound and dip them in paint and help your toddler create some impressions. Or you can give your preschooler empty cardboard.

They can turn it into a house for their teddy bears or a car garage. The spoons and pans from the kitchen can also make a great drum kit for your child.

  • Roleplaying

Some preschoolers love their bedtime sessions, unlike their super tires at the end of the day, mum. You should ensure that you bread your child a bedtime story every night.

Sometimes you might hope they will sleep immediately, but some toddlers may want more stories. Try incorporating acting-out roles from the stories. For example, you can make your child play Cinderella or Spiderman.

Roleplay helps your toddler with important communication skills and builds their confidence.

  • Play Dough Creativity

Most, if not all, preschoolers are fascinated with animals. Some can be obsessed with apes, gorillas, monkeys, lions, dogs, or chickens. Super fun and creative activity o boost your child’s creativity is making a batch of play dough and asking them to make animal shapes with cookie cutters. Then, you can help them paint and decorate them later on.

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