We have adjusted from our normal processes in response to the COVID-19 outbreak to protect the students, staff and parents.

  • All staff at Lycee Montessori will be wearing face masks. This is in compliance of THHS and CDC recommendations. Conversations with your children might be necessary for them to adjust to the mask wearing as their reactions might differ.
  • All families will be greeted at the front door by a staff member. Temperature checks will be conducted before your child(ren) enters the building. Our staff will be escorting your child(ren) to the classroom.
  • For pick-up we ask that you practice social distancing in the lobby near the exit doors. There will be indicators on the ground to help aid with this. Staff member then retrieves your child(ren) and brings them to out to you.
  • We are asking everyone who is dropping off or picking up children to wear a face covering/mask. Please note that you are not just protecting yourself, but also protecting people around you
  • The ProCare check-in/check-out scanner has been relocated to the front of the lobby. We ask that you begin checking your own child(ren) in and out. A hand sanitizer bottle is located next to the machine for your convenience.
  • We have our school fogged/sanitized several times by an outside company. The disinfecting company has fogged the entire interior of our building with 360-degree coverage. This was accomplished with an electrostatic sprayer in a thorough matter.
  • We are continually sanitizing the work and classrooms, monitoring the children, monitoring employee’s health and talking to the children about personal hygiene and space. We still need your help in keeping all our children and employees safe. If your child or any household member that may have encountered someone with COVID and begin to present any symptoms, please stay home and notify us.
  • At this time, anyone sent home with a fever or other symptoms will need a doctor release to return to school.

We appreciate your cooperation in these matters.

Lycee Montessori