Lunch Information

Our Hot Lunch Program Meets Or Exceeds All State Nutrition Requirements.


CCCA offers appetizing, kid-friendly, nutritious meals following the national guidelines for balanced school lunches. Whole grain pastas and breads, an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables, and leaner main dishes are integral to our lunch menu. Lunches are $3.50 and $.65 for milk or $.75 for juice.

We strive to make ordering easy and uncomplicated for parents. The menu is posted several months in advance, and closes in 2 to 4 week increments. As soon as the calendar is posted to RenWeb, ordering is open. You can order as far ahead as is posted, or in shorter two-week periods. We strive to be consistent with the dates that lunch ordering is opened and closed for each two week period. You will be notified by email when each new period is opened and when it will be closed to new orders. Open and closing dates will also be included in the Angel Army News, and on Facebook.

Lunches are ordered through ParentsWeb, and you must pay for lunches when they are ordered. When lunch ordering is open, please go to Parents Web> Student Information> Lunch> select the student tab (if you have more than one student at CCCA) > scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Create Web Order button. Enter the quantity next to the lunch or milk only for each item you choose to purchase. Select the tab for your next child and repeat the ordering process. When you are finished, click on the Order Items button and follow the instructions.

Please be sure to go all the way through the process. Once you have ordered and paid for lunches, the price of the lunch or milk that you ordered will appear in blue in the monthly calendar. Unfinished orders will appear in red. If your entries are red, that means the order has NOT been submitted and your child will not have a lunch for that day. Closing dates are final, and no late orders can be accepted. If you have any questions, please contact the school.

Please check your child’s classroom calendar for field trips. If a class is on a field trip that extends over the lunch period, and the teacher has requested a packed lunch, do not order a hot lunch for that day.

We regret that NO REFUNDS can be made for missed lunches, as the food is ordered ahead of time, based on your orders.

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