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We are excited to get into the groove of summer with our 2020 Summer Program ‘World Travels’. Join us as we take a trip around the world: exploring, learning fun facts, recreating historical buildings and meeting new animal friends. Children will learn about the continents their culture, land and customs.

We’ll start our adventures off, where else, at the beginning, travelling back in time to visit our prehistoric friends and their ‘pets’ – the dinosaurs. We’ll take a walk through history hanging out with the Egyptians, spending a day travelling the seas with Christopher Columbus before exploring the seven (7) continents.

Children will have fun making crafts each day in addition to learning fun facts about the country they are visiting, learning about animals and plants and customs of lands far and near. We’ll use every day items to create wonderful memorabilia of the places we’ve been. Little hands will make handprint animals, paper plates will become masks and even a famous place in Australia. Colored sheets will make national emblems; cups will be ‘kangaroo pouches’. Oh what fun! And we may even have cook off days, when we get to prepare favorite dishes from any one of the countries that we tour.

Children will be given ‘passbooks’ made to resemble a passport, where their photo will be placed inside the cover page with their names and class. On subsequent pages, teachers will place stamps or stickers or little notes based on the activities covered for the week. What fun it would be to see your little one showing their passbook and the rewards embedded based on their adventure. Even their scrapbook will have a memorable experience with their very own tour guide for each area visited. The tour guide will be decorated with the custom wear and will have a name too. Imagine, being led by a tour guide through the deserts of Australia by ‘Evie’ or ‘Harvey’.

To top it all off, we get to get our hands on some detective work where we hunt for clues, work together and solve the mystery place of the week. So get your travel documents ready, pack your bags because we’re off to an adventure filled summer that will knock your socks off, your hat too. Don’t forget, at the end of each week, we’ll be taking lots of pictures to document our weekly escapades. Join us this summer, where we take travelling to the next level without ever leaving home.

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