Mission & Purpose

Building educated, Christian leaders for tomorrow’s church, communities, and world

CCCA is dedicated to providing each of our students an education based on academic rigor immersed in Biblical Worldview. Our faculty strives to equip independent learners to successfully navigate a post modern culture in which they ultimately will both glorify God and serve others. Our curriculum is built on several time-honored and research-based approaches to meet that end.

Education, briefly defined, is knowledge obtained through a learning process. Since God, not humanity, is the source of all knowledge and truth, it is appropriate to anchor all learning firmly upon God’s Word. In fact, it is impossible to study any subject thoroughly without acknowledging God as the source. With this in mind, our faculty is trained to integrate the truth of God’s Word across academic disciplines.

The term Worldview describes the way an individual interprets and responds to culture based on a framework of ideas and beliefs. Worldview shapes the way we perceive and interact with our environment. While our students attend many churches across different denominations, as Christians we share a Biblical Worldview. A believer’s response to the world is in stark contrast to those who do not call Christ Lord. Our faith colors our view of human beings, parenting styles, patterns of giving, even the way we conduct business. CCCA trains our students to approach learning through this lens as they engage in the critical thinking process.

The Bible’s Creation, Fall, Redemption theme guides this process. In each area of study, students will ask, “What did God intend? How has it been broken by sin? How does God want us to respond?” Our Faith in Jesus Christ compels us to add a first layer of thought that does not exist in other schooling experiences. CCCA believes that when our students are trained to think critically as well as Christianly, they will not become mere learners, but leaders in our communities, equipped to promote change in a broken world.

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