mission and vision of Montessori school

Our Lycee Montessori School in Cypress, TX provides children with a positive learning environment to create positive experiences. We strive to encourage your children and create valuable members of the community. The way they learn today will carry with them for many years to come.

The most important objective for our staff is the safety of your children at our school and in their lives. We provide them with a safe and beneficial area to learn and grow independently. We encourage a comprehensive Montessori education that assists in the development of your child. Your child will learn to cultivate independent thoughts and important skills that will carry through to adulthood. They will learn to have empathy for those around them while creating social ease and boosting their self-confidence. Providing your child with an environment that will encourage self-acceptance and esteem is important for your child’s happiness and growth. Our school focuses on meeting the needs of each individual child rather than making the child conform to our needs. We encourage active students and give them the freedom to move. We offer integrated subjects and learning based on developmental psychology to fully benefit each student.

For more information regarding our Montessori school in Cypress, TX contact our school to speak with a staff member and to schedule a private tour of our learning areas!

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