At Lycee Montessori School we help children of all age groups to grow and learn. We welcome infants in the Cypress, TX area to be a part of our learning facilities and infant daycare. Our teachers and staff provide your children with infant activities to keep their minds and bodies busy and content. A child’s early years are vital by taking in all the sights of their new world. They are processing all the new surroundings they are taking in and experiencing. We have created an environment for your infant to learn and absorb their world comfortably in. Your baby will remain our priority at our infant child care school.

Infants (6 weeks to 18 months)

Infant Montessori Program

Studies have shown the importance of providing infants with love, attention, and affection to help them grow. Our goal is to care for your baby by showing them endless amounts of love and by promptly caring for their basic needs. We value the importance of extensively talking to the infants in order to provide them with verbal stimulation, and we often read aloud to them. This gives your infant the opportunity to quickly develop a vocabulary and jumpstart their imagination. It also allows them to establish language skills early on. Proper infant care will allow your child a rich learning experience in the years to come.

Contact our infant daycare in Cypress, TX for a tour of our building and to answer any more questions or concerns you may have regarding your child.

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