Lycee Montessori School provides primary care for children ages 36 months to 6 years in the Cypress, TX area. If you are interested in learning to see what our primary school can provide for your child, then we encourage you to continue reading on.

Primary (36 months to 6 years)

Primary education is important in providing your child with a solid foundation for their continuous education. Studies have shown how much a child’s brain absorbs during their early years. This includes birth to age six. The joy of learning will come naturally to your child at this age. Your child has a great extent of curiosity at this age that keeps them interested in learning and absorbing new things. Our method allows young children unique opportunities to learn effectively and quickly through experiences and practice. We encourage multi-age groupings that allow younger children to learn from older ones while the older children can strengthen their understandings and learnings. It also prepares the children for real-world situations with a variety of different people and ages. We strive to provide your children with a healthy and safe environment to independently learn and grow into their unique little selves.

If you have any more questions regarding primary care, then contact our staff at Lycee Montessori School. We also provide tours of our education center at our Cypress, TX location. Contact our school today to start your child on the fun path of learning!

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