Join us this summer as we explore different stories, people, and places.

Summer Camp

Dr. Seuss and Eric Carle, prolific children’s book authors, is where our author studies begin. Every day, the teachers read aloud a book, followed by activities including creative art projects, songs, and movement activities.

Pirates are our next unit of study. We will travel to the seven seas and learn all about pirates. Learning pirate terminology, dressing like a pirate, following treasure maps and reading pirate books are all part of this intriguing week.

Also, in June we plan to study zoos, zoo animals and habitats.

Come July, we spend the first week spending our time exploring science activities. Celebrating Independence Day includes picnics and fireworks. Children will discover (safely) what other combinations make a bang!

Then we introduce a completely new theme revolving around the classic story, The Three Little Pigs. Different versions of the story will be read throughout the day. Day 1 students will re-create the story. Each day, the students will add more details to the play – background, costumes and more. The week culminates in a student led play (recorded and shared).

Next, we head to the great outdoors. We learn more about camping, fishing, and hiking. Songs, campfire stories and S’mores will be enjoyed! After camping, we head to the beach! Sand, sea and fun are our goals this week. Our last week of July leads us to a study of oceans and waterways.

In August, we go to faraway lands to discover stories of long ago … fairy tales. Over the course of the first couple of weeks of August, we will read and explore fairy tales as a genre – The Princess and the Pea, Little Red Hen, Frog Prince and more. We look forward to you joining us this summer!

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