summer program 2021

Welcome to another exciting Lycee Summer Program. We hope you enjoyed a productive academic year and are ready for a fun filled summer 2021.

As summer 2021 rolls in, one of the most inspiring things is to highlight the wonderful world we live in and all the organisms that play a vital role to our experiences. The word ‘expedition’ literally means a journey or voyage undertaken by a group of people with a particular purpose, so our activities this year are educational, social and physical. This will enhance the development of children in addition to being a part of their exciting childhood experiences. This year, we have weekly themes and events for your children to enjoy. We will use crafts and activities to recapture our children’s imagination on themes they are quite familiar with.

We will be going ‘under the sea’, exploring the ocean world and joining the world in the June celebration of Zoo and Aquarium Month. Our beloved pets and farm animals will also join us on this animalistic adventure as we look further into ‘a pet’s life – on the farm’.

With the pandemic still in the ‘air’, we want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the people who made the experience pleasurable, safe and memorable for us. Our children will focus on the role of some of our essential workers. We will look at the post office, writing letters and mailing it to ourselves. What fun it would be to write a class letter, mail it and looking forward to receiving it in class. We will make police badges, fire helmets, have grocery days and be a doctor for the day. But let us not forget our year of technology. We became ‘techno geeks’ as we learned, communicated, celebrated and entertained ourselves. Well, we couldn’t have a summer without giving technology some attention.

In July, we will start off the summer by yes…you guessed it…travelling, but this time, we travel both outside and inside our world. We will explore our planet Earth and her neighbors too, studying the stars, moon and the sun before we examine the different types of transportation, in different regions of the world. How can we get there? You ask, well we will look at transportation and discuss which method is better at visiting the deep blue Atlantic or climbing the rugged plains of Tanzania.

Our last two weeks will be filled with tons of physical activities. The children will participate in lots of rumbling and tumbling fun as we hopefully join the teams in Tokyo for Olympics 2021. We will have our very own torch ceremony and children will enjoy a variety of physical activities during the week. The final week of mystery, oh what will it be? Well, we will be solving daily puzzles. Imagine our little sleuths on the hunt for the missing item of the day. Clues are given and friends work in teams to find our well hidden treasures in the classroom, on paper or maybe in the garden.

So join us again for another exceptional summer where your little one will be engaged, educated and challenged while having fun and making friends. We look forward to seeing you all geared up and ready to go.

Exceptional Expedition Summer Program 2021

June 7 – July 30, 2021

Week 1: June 7 – 11

Under the Sea

  • Exploring animal life
  • Protecting our coral reef

Week 2: June 14 – 18

A Pet’s Life – on the farm

  • Taking care of pets
  • Farm Animals

Week 3: June 21 – 25

Community Helpers

  • Who are they?
  • How they help?

Week 4: June 28 – July 2

Techno’ Week

  • How do they work?
  • All about robots

Week 5: July – 9

Out of this world

  • What’s out there?
  • Our Planets

Week 6: July 12 – 16

How do we get there?

  • Different types
  • Different regions

Week 7: July 19 – 23

World Wide Sports

  • History of Olympics
  • Carrying the torch
  • Obstacle courses

Week 8: July 26 – 30

It’s a Mystery

  • What’s happening?
  • How will we solve it?