Lycee 2024 Summer Program

Road Trip- A Journey Across the United States
June 3rd – August 9th

Our summer 2024 program contains countless fun and educational activities. We are packing our bags and taking a road trip within each classroom as if we are traveling around the United States of America! Our journey will feature twists and turns as we learn about our nation’s capital, as well as the capital, flag, and interesting facts about each state.

Our trek starts in our very own state – Texas. We will broaden our knowledge and imagination with books pertaining to each state on our route. Included in our daily lessons will be arts, crafts, science, music, and cooking projects. We will be discovering state landmarks, amazing animals, enormous trees, and delicious foods. Yes, we will be cooking and taste-testing various wonderful regional foods. There will be multiple STEM activities to keep our children engaged and having fun each day. The children will also have a visual reference of their travels by marking a map to represent each state they have ‘visited.’ So, let’s get packing, dust off those traveling boots, and get ready for our ‘summer around the United States.’ We look forward to going on this adventure together.

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