Are you looking for a hands-on toddler preschool in the Cypress, TX area? Lycee Montessori school provides toddler preschool activities in a classroom environment. We realize the importance of allowing your toddler to independently experience new things and develop at their own unique pace. Our preschool allows children to be themselves and continue learning vital skills they will value their entire life.

Toddlers (18 months to 36 months)

Toddler Montessori Program

We provide a wide range of toddler activities that benefit your children in many ways. Giving your child the freedom to grow and learn in a healthy environment will allow your child to develop cognitive thinking skills. Our unique approach to educating your child allows us to focus on each toddler as an individual. By encouraging and making learning fun for your toddler now, you are setting your child up for success in their learning career. All the toddler activities we offer help to improve skills such as mathematical, literacy, creativity, and problem-solving skills. We provide your toddler with a safe environment to grow by providing them with sensory, language, social, and cultural activities. Allowing your child to independently participate in activities will benefit them in countless ways and encourage them to enjoy learning and growing.

If you are interested in providing your toddler with a healthy learning environment for growing in, then contact our school staff today. Call our office for a tour of our learning facilities and to meet our teachers.

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