Staff Directory

Meet our compassionate and dedicated staff at Central College Christian Academy, from our teachers to our administrative team!

Kindergarten Team

Terri Johnson

Terri Johnson holds a Bachelor of Science from Purdue University...

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Mary Townley

Mary Townley holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education...

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Wendy Martin

Wendy Martin holds her B.A. in English Literature from DePauw University...

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Jennifer Kovach

Jennifer Kovach holds a B. S. in Early Childhood Education from Ohio...

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Elementary Team

Michelle Hickok

Michelle Hickok holds her B.A. from Taylor University and M.Ed. in Curriculum...

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Chelsea de Araujo

De Aroujo holds a B.A. in Elementary Education from Bethel College...

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Misty Shepherd

Misty Shepherd holds a Bachelors degree in Early Childhood Education...

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Polly Barnhardt

Polly Barnhardt holds a BA in Art Education and BS in Elementary...

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Christine Jajack

Christine Jajack holds a Bachelors of Education in PK-3 from the University...

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Emily Gates

Emily Gates received a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education...

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Dana Brooks

Dana Brooks holds a B.A. in Organizational Management with a...

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Middle School Team

Khadine Byers

Khadine Byers holds a BA in Elementary Education, Grades 1-8...

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Jack Eifert

Jack Eifert holds a a Master’s of Education for Middle Childhood...

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Ned Kerstetter

Ned Kerstetter holds a B.S. in Civil Engineering and a Masters...

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Intervention & Enrichment Team

Heather Thorward

Heather Thorward graduated from Malone University in 2007...

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Mairead LaFountain

Mairead LaFountain holds a BS in Childhood Education, Special...

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Penny Elllsworth

Penny Ellsworth received her Bachelor of Arts with a major in Mathematics...

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Alice Roberts

Alice Roberts holds a B.S in Elementary Education from Indiana University...

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Specialists Team

Ellen Hefner-Phillips

Ellen Hefner-Phillips holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting and...

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Tim Barker

Tim Barker holds a Bachelors Degree from the University of Central...

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Marcy Ward

Marcy Ward holds a B.A. in Spanish and Political Science and a minor...

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Rebekah Lyons

Rebekah Lyons holds a B.S. in K-12 Music Education with a minor in Psychology...

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Extended Care Team

Dodie Kirby (Miss Dodie)

Dodie Kirby (Miss Dodie) graduated from Northwestern Ohio School of...

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Lunchroom Team

Anessa Hill

Anessa has 35+ years of experience in the culinary arts and food service industry.

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Administrative Staff

Joyce Storts

Joyce Storts joined the CCCA team in August...

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Miki Whitehair

Miki Whitehair attended Georgetown College...

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Judy Castor

Mrs. Castor (Miss Judy) is a life-long Ohioan, having grown up in...

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Howard Baum

Howard Baum came to Central College Christian Academy after a 35 year...

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