Daycare Centre: Is Daycare Good for Infants?

Daycare Centre: Is Daycare Good for Infants?

May 01, 2022

When you have a newborn welcomed into a family, it is all joy and happiness for the couple. The only thing in the parents’ plan is to take care of and tend to her needs. However, it’s not always the case. The majority of the parents are working, and due to the hard times in the current times, they have to get back to working quickly.

Although the idea of leaving your infant is usually challenging at first, daycare centers provide soft landing spots for the parents. They are a good option for mothers to leave their infants, mainly when varying reasons such as work constraints prevent them from being with their babies.

Daycares have numerous benefits for parents. Mothers only have to pick the right daycare centers, and everything else follows. You evaluate several factors to determine the best daycare to take your infant. If you need daycare in Cypress, Lycée Montessori School is an ideal place for your infant.

When Can Babies Start Daycare?

When deciding to take children to a daycare center, one of the giant puzzles is the ideal time to start. The time to start your child in daycare is, in most cases, a personal decision, usually influenced by several factors. They include your financial responsibilities, duration of your parental leave, available childcare options, and the ability of your partner to take leave.

Even though you can start taking your infant to daycare at only six weeks, experts agree that it’s better to wait longer. You buy enough time to establish a secure attachment with your child, adjust to a new life with your partner, and ensure the umbilical cord heals completely.

Besides, most daycare centers are unwilling to take babies under six weeks of age since they are not specially equipped to handle the needs of infants born prematurely or requiring special medical attention.

When parents should start Daycare search

The second most disturbing thing for parents is the right time to start searching for an ideal daycare center to take their infant after birth. It is wise and advisable to start the search during the pregnancy. Childcare centers follow strict guidelines such as having several infants they can accommodate at any time. They thus require a longer lead time.

Many high-quality childcare centers are on the radar of most parents and fill up almost immediately. Some operate with waiting lists. Therefore, you should begin your search early on, particularly if you will be resuming your work duties sooner.

Having plans early in advance gives you enough time to arrange for childcare before the infant is born. You recover from birth with zero pressure and get ready to resume work.

What to Look for in Infant Daycare

When choosing an infant daycare center for your newborn, it’s prudent to do thorough research and only go for the best. When researching for the best facility, there are some things that you should prioritize. They include:

  • Facility’s licenses – you should check with the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) to confirm the accreditation status of a given facility.
  • Staff’s qualification – Caregivers working in a facility should be appropriately qualified to provide care to newborns.
  • The structure of the day-day system helps you plan how to take and collect your child to the facility without a lot of delays.
  • The ratio of infants to care providers – According to the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), an ideal daycare should have a balance of 1:4 (adults to children).

Babies, too, require a clean, silent, and safe environment as they start interacting with the environment around them. Caregivers in daycare centers are pivotal in establishing an attachment for infants younger than 18 months. Babies take some time developing a passion and connecting with the person caring for them.


Although some naysayers talk ill of daycare centers, especially when kids are placed there early, young children in daycare centers portray enhanced social competence if given necessary behavioral and emotional support. This exciting development was expressed irrespective of the number of weeks spent in daycare.

Taking your infant to daycare is usually difficult at the start. You feel worried, tensed, and scared. It’s normal to have those feelings, but they slowly fade as you get more comfortable with your child’s care provider as time goes by. If your lifestyle is very tight, daycare centers are the way to go.

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