9 Fun Indoor Activities for Kids

9 Fun Indoor Activities for Kids

Oct 01, 2020

While all of us look forward to getting some sun and breathe of fresh air, some situations may force you to stay indoors. The teachers at our Montessori school in Cypress, Texas guide our students with activities that meet their needs, developmental levels, and interests. Whether it is a result of bad weather or whatever reason, kids can develop irritability and restlessness if they are stuck inside the house for an extended period. This is the reason daycares need to have a wide collection of indoor activities on standby.

This article explores an endless list of activities to keep each type of child entertained as the snow clears out.

  • Creating Masterpieces

Kids can get creative with any item you hand them. Give them markers, paint, markers, and glue and paper places and watch them get to work. Once they are done, take the final pieces and display them on shelves or hang them on the wall.

  • Board Games Are Still the Real Deal

Although old-fashioned, nothing can beat this screen-free activity. The children will get their competitive spirits high and jog their memory.

  • Baking and Decorating

Gloomy weather may be the [perfect opportunity to get the kids into the kitchen and get creative with several pastry recipes. Teach the kids to whip up dessert bars, make cupcakes, cookies, and several other delicacies.

  • Hold A Dance Party

Children do not have to be in the playground to exercise their bodies. Music can serve as a solid alternative. Choose a great playlist, shake the walls with the music, and dance alongside the little ones.

  • Bringing in The Ultimate Outdoor Experience

Whether it is pop-up tents or forts made by piling pillows and blankets, you can bring the outdoor experience right inside your daycare without having to encounter mud or mosquitoes. The kids can pretend to be camping in the wild and even hang a lantern lamp.

  • Try Jigsaw Puzzles

This never gets old. Keep the kids engaged with puzzles of their favorite pieces of art or superhero characters. The activity helps the children improve cooperation and collaboration besides jogging their memory.

  • Science Experiments

Indoor time could also be learning time. Let the kids carry out little experiments using available items. They could carry out water filtration or mix different solutions to determine their miscibility. Another kids experiment they could carry out is identifying the different types of soil while blindfolded.

  • Karaoke Anyone!

Whether or not you have a karaoke machine, boredom isn’t an option. Can the kids belt out those high tunes at the top of their lungs? Yes? That is it. The activity serves to release inward pressure and the kids will be more relaxed when they head back home.

  • Create A Sensory Bin

Just find a bin and fill it with rice. Thereafter, burry a few treasures, tools, and toys inside it, and you will be a favorite among the kids. Watch as they dig in to retrieve the hidden prizes. For this activity, you should be warned that thorough cleaning may be required afterward.

For Parents: Factors to Consider When Choosing Activities for Your Kid

Signing up your child for activities may seem like an easy thing to do, but there are various aspects to put into consideration. So, how do you know the activities that best suit your kid? The questions below will guide you.

What is the age of your child?

There are different activities for different categories of kids. For instance, toddlers can’t engage in activities meant for preschoolers and vice versa. Also, kids should enjoy these toddler activities with buddies as it makes the whole experience better. Your older kids in elementary school should not be left behind as these activities give them an insight into what they are capable of.

Which Activity is the Best?

There is no point in forcing your child to participate in an activity they have no interest in. make sure the activities you pick make the kid feel optimistic and also engaged.

What impact will a certain activity have on your kid? Are there any life lessons involved? A good activity should teach your young one perseverance, teamwork, patient, problem-solving, and flexibility.

Finding The Right Daycare Near You

At Lycee Montessori, our sole purpose is to foster your child’s learning inclination. We offer a wide range of activities for toddlers and kids of all age ranges. Call us today for inquiries.

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