10 tips for Montessori activities outdoors and in nature

10 tips for Montessori activities outdoors and in nature

Mar 01, 2019

It’s important to make children learn the right things by exposing them to the right kind of environment. Nature and outdoors have so much to offer that a book can’t teach.

Here’s a Look at Some Ideas to Include in Montessori Activities:

Seasonal activities

Depending on the season, you can ask the kids to pick basket and visit the Local Park in Cypress TX or forest and collect leaves, flowers, shells, stone, rocks, or sticks as it allows them to gain first-hand experience.

Grow your own vegetables

The kids must be encouraged to grow seasonal vegetables. You don’t need a large garden for that and a potting station with soil, scoop, and seeds are enough. Make them water the plants every day.

Movement opportunities

Encourage kids to climb tree, swing from a tyre, balance along tree logs, kick a ball, skip a rope, run fast, and chase each other as it all allows them to find fun from little things in life.

All weather exploration

Allow them to explore the beach during summer, step into the puddle, and play with snow to explore various seasons. Make sure you dress them well to protect from bad weather.

Notice the beauty of the outdoors together

Watch small things outdoors such as droplet on leaf, insects at work, colours of the sunset, sound of the wind, view from the mountain, stillness of lake, and wind in the trees.

Find moments of quiet

Find a place to sit quietly and breathe calmly or watch the sky for peace.

Make treasure hunts

Make a list of flowers and leaves and work together on finding them from the park, garden or forest.

Build your own hut

Build your tree house or tent and invite friends to have fun.

Make outdoor art

Make wall arts using natural items such as leaves, flowers, mud, and grass and lay them into interesting patterns.

Make a musical wall

Hang some old pots, pans, and bells in your garden which make sound when banged.

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